Pastor Ellis

Pastor Ellis

Ellis D. Powell is the founding drive behind The Daily Bread Inc. (TDB). As a best-selling author, revered contributor to a variety of nonprofit and for-profit boards, Pastor Ellis has been an educator for over two decades. Further, he spent time serving in the United States Air Force and was appointed to the USAF’s Special Budget committee.

His primary business expertise focuses on his ability to communicate effectively, which has always been reflected within his professional and ministry efforts. As an example, Pastor Ellis has won various awards and earned several citations for his work rewriting government policies & regulations.

It was his understanding of business, communication and how to rally support that helped elevate these policies and regulations, additionally as a Certified Graduate of Dale Carnegie’s Leadership & Corporate Training Program it affords individuals an opportunity to sharpen their talent(s) in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. Pastor Ellis is a force with the media, utilizing a variety of traditional and viral press resources as a beacon of light to spread God’s word. He has been featured with a different channels and publications, including ION Television, TBN, Daystar, and Gospel Truth Magazine.

Additionally, Pastor Ellis holds the honor of being a Certified Distinguish Toastmaster Public Speaker, and it is through his Biblical and business knowledge that helps him to relate to audiences, as well as become an acting advocate resource for diverse media outlets. Further, he was the recipient of the 2010 Educator and Community Leader of the Year Award presented by the University of Phoenix.

Pastor Ellis founded The Daily Bread Church (TDB) as multi-cultural, non-denominational place to worship, learn, share and experience the teachings of Jesus Christ. Pastor Ellis’ appeal exceeds generational gaps, making him a highly regarded and sought after professional speaker.

Pastor Ellis has authored “Going to the Next Level”, as well as numerous spiritual and life-changing resource materials designed to introduce and educate different audiences about the miracles associated with God. He thrives when it comes to leadership and creating opportunities not only within the community, but outside of the expected “normal” marketing channels for TDB. He is known for his humor, compassionate messages, and ability to cross boundaries and exceed expectations.

Pastor Ellis is available to provide spiritual insight to the world as a citation resource, hired speaker & life coach.